Welcome from the TG Group!

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The TG Supramolecular and Medicinal Chemistry Research Group is based in the School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin and is at the cutting edge of research into supramolecular structures, sensor design and materials development. The principal investigator is Professor Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson.

The TG Group is housed in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI), as part of the School of Chemistry. The School is divided between several institutes on and near the main campus, such as the Chemistry Building, the Sami Nasr Institute of Advanced Materials (SNIAM), the Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices (CRANN) and TBSI (Map).

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Emanuele Gets Awarded!

Fourth year student Emanuele Cappello has been awarded with the Intel Bursary for master and last year PhD Students! The Award, open to students from the schools of Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science, is meant to connect students nearing the end of their academic course and willing to join corporate world with a solid corporate reality like Intel Ireland. Last year 10 bursaries were awarded to Trinity Students out of 40 applications. Students awarded with the bursaries will join a mentoring program in Intel, acting like a bridge between Academia and Corporate.

Emanuelle website.jpgCongratulations Emanuele!

New addition to the group!

The TG group would like to welcome back Patrick Manning! Patrick underwent his Senior Sophister project with the group and is returning as our newest PhD student after attaining his B.A in Trinity College Dublin. His research will primarily focus on 2,6-bis(1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine (BTP) structures.

New addition to the TG group!

The TG group would like to welcome our newest postdoctoral researcher Tumpa Gorai! Tumpa has joined the research group as an Irish research council postdoctoral fellow. Her research interest is in the area of chiral luminescent lanthanide-based functional materials. Before joining the group she was a postdoctoral researcher in Pohang University of Science and Technology, working in the area of the artificial cell. She obtained her PhD in the area of supramolecular chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Uday Maitra from the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, her thesis title was “Lanthanide based hydrogels in sensing, energy transfer, and nanoparticle synthesis”.


TG group getting even bigger!

New week, new academic year, newcomers to the TG Group!
After Maite and Tómas, the new year brings four more people to the group! Amrutha, Caoimhe and Ellen are Senior Sophisters from TCD who will work on their final year research project in the group, which will be focused, respectively on Naphtalene Diimides-based supramolecular polymers, Boronic Acid-functionalized Troger’s Base systems, and Troger’s Base/DNA interactions.


From left to right: Caimhe, Ellen and Amrutha

At the same time, Laura Ramírez Lázaro will join the group as an Erasmus student for her last year from the Universidad de Alcalá in Spain. She will work on a project shared with prof. Eoin Scanlan, focused on glycosilated Naphtalimides while attending the regular courses in TCD.


Laura Ramírez Lázaro

Welcome aboard and good work girls!

New people join the TG group

The TG group welcomes its two latest additions, Tómas Arnar Guðmundsson and Alisa-Maite Kauth!
Tomas is joining the group for his PhD after attaining his BSc from the University of Iceland in Reykjavík and his main project will be focused  benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide (BTA) structures.
Maite is a transfer student from University of Münster, where she attained her BSc and is working on her Master. She will be working on Tröger’s Base-derived Macrocylces in combination with Azobenzenes functionalization.

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Welcome and good work guys!

Farewell Elley!

The TG group gets together wishing all the best to Elley, as after a very short time together, it’s already time to say goodbye to her!
We hope all the best for her future and that her short time here was fulfilling both scientifically and personally.
Good luck for everything!

Another addition to the TG Group!

After Elley and Adrian, another visiting student enters the TG group. Today is Philip Böbel joining, a student from the RWTH University in Aachen where he’s doing a three year vocational training to become a chemical laboratory technician, which will end in january 2020.
Philip is joining the group briefly through the Erasmus+ program in order to improve his understanding of organic synthesis, focusing on the synthesis of luminescent systems able to interact with DNA strands.  

Welcome aboard Phil!