The TG Group regularly takes part in outreach activities.

Smart Materials: Can we make a chemical computer?


The presentation given to students as part of the School of Chemisty’s TY programme (27th February 2017) Click the image to download the presentation.

This interactive presentation, based on research by group members Samuel Bradberry and Dr Joseph Byrne, takes students on a journey from the beginnings of logic to a demonstration of a real-life chemical computer.

Sam and Joe developed the demonstration for the 200th birthday of the renowned George Boole, as part of Discover Research Dublin 2015. Members of the public learned about logic gates in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute with colour-changing Lanthanide gels, alongside artwork illustrating the life of George Boole by Irish artist Sophie Longwill. (Follow Sophie on Twitter!)

Since then, it has been adapted and presented for the last two years to students as part of the School of Chemisty’s annual TY programme. Download a sample presentation here.

⬇️️ Download: Smart Materials 2017 (PowerPoint presentation, 17 MB)
⬇️️ Download: George Boole and Logic Gates (PDF, 2 MB)
⬇️️ Download: Lanthanides and Soft Materials (PDF, 15 MB)
⬇️️ Download: Molecular Logic Gates (PDF, 15 MB)

Trinity College Dublin PhD Outreach Symposium

Today our first year PhD student Patrick had the great opportunity to take park in the TCD Outreach Symposium, in which he, along with Susie Calvert and Ellen Fay from the McGouran Lab, presented a prospective public outreach demonstration on the “Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide using Baker’s Yeast : A Read-Out of Enzymatic Activity​”. A special thanks to Dr. John O’Donoghue​, Dr. Carl Poree,​ Dr. Noelle Scully​ and co. for organising such a great event, and congratulations to all students involved for their amazing presentations!

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