Open Symposium at TBSI!

On the afternoon of Thursday 1st of December, the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) will be holding a half day symposium where several of the most important chemists from across the UK and Ireland who have had the chance to work with or just be friends with Professor Philip A. Gale. The Symposium will be free of charge and open to the public so everyone feel free to join us for it in the Tercentenary Hall at TBSI starting from 12:30. See you on Thursday!

Prof. A. P. De Silva Speaks to the Dublin University Werner Chemical Society


A. P. giving his lecture to the DU Werner Chemical Society

A. P. de Silva, longtime friend and former supervisor of Thorri, and professor at Queen’s University of Belfast, gave a lecture about his work on “Fluorescent sensing and logic systems” today for the first DU Werner Chemical Society talk of the year. Group members Hannah and Isabel – who are also committee members of the Society – helped organise the talk. A. P.’s work on fluorescent sensors has developed into a range of blood gas and electrolyte analysers, sales of which by Roche, OPTI Medical (for human health case) and IDEXX (for animal use) have surpassed $530 million, and saved countless lives. As always, it was both a pleasure and an honour to have A. P. as a guest at Trinity and an enjoyable and unique experience to participate to one of his talks. Looking forward to the next time!

Chris and Amy appear in The Irish Times

Chris and Amy from the group recently appeared in The Irish Times national newspaper as part of a feature article on an imagery competition, held in Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI), to showcase the variety of research that is currently being carried out within the institute. This competition was part of the 5th anniversary celebrations of TBSI. The composite image made by Chris and Amy was based on soon to be published work on liquid crystal tricarboxamide derivatives developed by the pair, with one of the images used obtained in collaboration with the Pal Group in Durham University. Their contribution is now on show in the foyer of TBSI.

Attention! Filming in Progress in TG Lab

Trinity College Dublin receive four nominations for the ‘Knowledge Transfer Ireland Impact Awards’, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland (EI) and the Irish Universities Association (IUA).

The Gunnlaugsson research group were selected in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI) to have their research lab filmed in order to promote the awarding of the nominations to College. Several PhD students and post-doctoral fellows were filmed while actively carrying out synthetic and analytical work.

Filming in TG Lab for Knowledge Transfer Ireland Impact Awards

Filming in TG Lab for Knowledge Transfer Ireland Impact Awards


TG Group final year student Deirdre McAdams’s interview with The Irish Times

Final year Medicinal Chemistry student, Deirdre McAdams

Final year Medicinal Chemistry student, Deirdre McAdams

Deirdre McAdams, a Senior Sophister (4th and final year) student in Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Chemistry, was interviewed by The Irish Times on her educational journey. Deirdre, who is a Trinity Scholar, undertook her final year research project within the Gunnlaugsson research group in TBSI between September and December 2015, and has also worked in the research group of Prof. Mathias Senge (TBSI). Deirdre entered TCD through the Trinity Access Programme and has been a fantastic ambassador for the programme ever since.

The link to the full article and the interview with Deirdre can be found on the following link:


Dr. Chris Hawes and Dr. Oxana Kotova present at TBSI Post-Doctoral Research Day

Dr. Chris Hawes presenting at TBSI Post-Doctoral Research Day

Dr. Chris Hawes presenting at TBSI Post-Doctoral Research Day

The annual post-doctoral research day took place on the 8th of April 2016 featuring oral presentations and posters from scientists across several of the departments and schools based in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI).

Dr. Chris Hawes from the Gunnlaugsson group presented his work on “Fluorescent Coordination Polymers for Molecular Detection” and Dr. Oxana Kotova presented a poster entitled “Exploring the Effect of Ligand Structural Isomerism in Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Chiral Luminescent Eu(III) Self-Assemblies”.

The keynote speaker on the day was Prof. Donal O’Shea, Consultant Endocrinologist, University College Dublin and the day’s talks were followed by a wine reception and prize giving ceremony.

We would like to congratulate Chris and Oxana and thank them for representing the group and showcasing their work before the entire institute.

Dr. Oxana Kotova presenting her poster accompanied by Prof. Joanna McGouran

Dr. Oxana Kotova presenting her poster accompanied by Prof. Joanna McGouran