Dr. Anna Aletti and Dr. Amy Lynes Graduate

As part of the Spring Commencements at Trinity College Dublin, two students from the TG group were conferred their PhD degrees in the Public Theatre: Anna Aletti and Amy Lynes, who are now Dr. Aletti and Dr. Lynes! Their theses, titled “Anion-Templated Self-Assembly – From Anion Complexes to the Formation of Supramolecular 2D Networks” and “Supramolecular soft materials and structural studies of a series of BTA and pyridine-dicarboxamide derivatives with various d-metal ions”, respectively, have been a great contribution to the TG group research.

We wish to congratulate them for this brilliant achievement, hoping that it will be a stepping stone for long and successful careers in chemistry! Well done!


New Paper on Dalton Transactions!

Many congratulations to Hannah, Amy and Chris (http://hawesgroup.wordpress.com) on their paper that has been accepted for publication in Dalton Transactions, entitled: “Exploring the reversible host–guest chemistry of a crystalline octanuclear Ag(I) metallosupramolecular macrocycle formed from a simple pyrazinylpyridine ligand”. This exciting work was developed by Hannah and Chris in collaboration with Brendan Twamley, Kevin Byrne and Wolfgang Schmitt (Dalton Trans. DOI:10.1039/c8dt04583f). This highly novel work focusses on the use of some 2-(2′-pyrazinyl)pyridine based building blocks, that we have been developing in the TG laboratory and their coordination chemistry with Cu(II) and Ag(I) ions. This has lead to the discovery of metallosupramolecular architectures that have some surprising complexity; some of these systems (the metallosupramolecular macrocycles) being employed in this Dalton contribution for carrying out solvent exchange in a single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformation as demonstrated in the figure below.

Crystal to Crystal Hannah Dalton Trans

Well done and special congratulations for Hannah for her first “Dalton on Dalton” paper!


Anna Aletti succesfully defends her PhD Thesis

The whole TG group congratulates with Anna, who succesfully defended her PhD Thesis “Anion-Templated Self-Assembly – From Anion Complexes to the Formation of Supramolecular 2D Networks”. Anna’s Thesis was examined by Prof. Steve Goldup from University of Southampton.
Anna joined the TG group at first as an exchange student, then came back and started her PhD, working on tripodal bta-urea motifs. Sadly, she also leaves the group, and for this we wish her for all the best in her future!


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A visit from Prof. Guillermo Orellana to the TG group and School of Chemistry

Prof. Guillermo Orellana (or Willie), from the Departamento de Química Orgánica (School of Organic Chemistry), Universidad Complutense de Madrid visited the School of Chemistry on the 11th of October and gave a lecture in the School Seminar Series entitled “Solving industrial monitoring needs with Ru(II) polypyridyl-based luminescent chemical sensors“. Guillermo is well known to the School, having in the past collaborated with his (and ours) good friend Prof. John M. Kelly. He has also collaborated with Sandra Estalayo in the last few years (in the picture with Thorri and Guillermo) a final year PhD student (and close collaborator of Prof. Kelly), who has on several occasions visited Guillermo’s laboratory in Madrid to carry out various phtophyiscal measurements on the Ru(II) complexes she developed as DNA probes and for cellular imaging purposes. Guillermo gave a fantastic lecture on the application of his Ru(II) systems to the School, after which he had a meeting with Thorri and John Kelly, where Sandra, Elena, Sachi, as well as Oxana and Adam presented some of their latest results and publications.

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New students joining the TG group!

The Gunnlaugsson Group welcomes the start of the new academic year and, with it, the arrival of new members of the group! This year, in fact two students will start their PhD projects in the TG group, Shauna Donohoe and Deirdre McAdams. For Deirdre it is a return, as she completed her final year research project in the TG group before graduating in Medicinal Chemistry in 2016. After graduating, Deirdre worked in the USA. Shauna graduated in Chemistry in Maynooth University in the group of former group member Rob Elmes. Both of them have been awarded with the Irish Research Council Scholarship and will work respectively with  Ruthenium polypyridyl complexes for  biological applications and with ligands based on 2,6-pyridinedicarboxylic acid and BTP motifs.

Together with Deirdre and Shauna, the TG Group welcomes Irene de la Iglesias, an Erasmus Master Student from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Irene will work on tripodal urea systems for her final research project.

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Good Work and once again welcome to the TG group!

Farewell, Raju!

The whole TG group bids farewell to Dr Sankarasekaran Shanmugaraju, who is leaving the group after four years filled with research and achievements thanks to which he was assigned the professorship at the IIT Palakkad, where he will start a new chapter of his life and career. We salute a great collaborator and mentor to many students in the group. All the best, Raju!


Left to right, Raju, Bruno  and Sachi at the goodbye lunch. Yes, we’re sure it’s not Bruno who’s leaving!

Senior sophisters join the TG group

As every year, Senior sophisters are joining the TG group in the lab for their final year projects. This year, the group welcomes Declan, Chris and Patrick. They will be working with Adam, Sachi and Dawn on projects involving BTA, BTP and Naphtalamides. Welcome and good work!


From left to right: Chris, Declan and Patrick.