Elena presents at the 70th Chemistry Research Colloquium at Queen’s University, Belfast.

On Friday 22nd June, Elena represented the Organic Chemistry Department of TCD at the annual Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium at Queen’s University of Belfast, with a talk on the development of glycosylated naphthalimides as prodrugs for medicinal applications. The Colloquium, in its 70th edition, started on Thursday 21st, and highlighted the outstanding research conducted by the best young chemists at third level institutions across Ireland, involving more than 60 students between posters and oral presentations.
Great Job Elena!

Elena Colloquium 2018


Adam’s work featured by ACS C&EN “Chemistry in Pictures

Many congratulations to Adam, who submitted his photo showing aggregation induced emission from naphthalimide compounds to C&EN’s long running “Chemistry in Pictures” series. They have featured it in their latest online edition, and his photo will be entered into the competition for best picture of the month!

The picture and a short description are available to view on the C&EN website. https://cen.acs.org/synthesis/Chemistry-Pictures-Water-down-turn/96/web/2018/05

Adam is a post-doctoral researcher who joined the TG Group last year having completed his PhD at the University of St. Andrews.

Dr Savyasachi “Sachi” AJ, Dr Eoin McCarney and Dr Bjorn la Cour Poulsen graduate!

As part of the Spring Commencements at Trinity College Dublin, three students conferred their PhD degrees in the Public Theatre: Sachi, Eoin and Bjorn are officially Doctors of Philosophy in Chemistry!

Their contribution to the TG Group has been greatly valuable over the past four years and has led to their theses, Luminescent Self-assembled Supramolecular Polymers and Microspheres based on Benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide Derivatives” for Sachi“Templated synthesis of novel molecules and materials using 1,4-disubstituted-1,2,3-triazole supramolecular building blocks” for Eoin and “Ruthenium Polypyridyl Complexes for Biological Applications in Imaging and as Anti-Cancer Agents” for Bjorn! We all want to congratulate them for this great achievement, and wish them the best of luck for all the ones to come. Great job lads, real kings material!

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Isabel presents for ChemSem seminar series at TCD

Isabel presented the work she has been doing so far in her PhD at the School of Chemistry seminar series “ChemSem”, a series that showcases the work of PhD and post-doctoral researchers within the School and encourages interactions between the students, staff and groups.

Her talk was titled “An exploration of the interactions of btp and tzpa with d- and -f-block metals” and discussed two ligands she has developed strongly in the group along with Dr. Dawn Barry and Dr. Joe Byrne (now UBern).

In addition, Isabel interacts with Alkermes Inc., a pharamaceutical company that focuses on CNS disorders, through Dr. Tarek Zeidan (Alkermes, MA) and will soon be spending time with them at their site in Athlone.

A joint effort! New review accepted for publication in Chemical Society Reviews

A new review article “Molecular logic gates: the past, present and future” has been accepted for publication in Chem. Soc. Rev. (DOI: 10.1039/c7cs00491e). This review highlights recent developments in the area of developing molecular logic gates mimics and their applications in solution and within/on solid material. This contribution is a collaboration between Thorri, Tony 
D. James (University of Bath, UK), Juyoung Yoon (Ewha Womans University, S-Korea) and Engin U. Akkaya (Bilkent University, Turkey), who have known each other’s for a long time; having worked with A P de Silva, Seiji Shinkai and Tony Czarnik, respectively as PhD students or postdocs. This contribution was written in collaboration with Sundus Erbas Cakmak, Safacan Kolemen and Adam C. Sedgwick.

This is the second review published by this group, the first one being entitled ‘Fluorescent chemosensors: the past, present and future’, which was also published in Chem. Soc. Rev in 2017 (Chem.Soc.Rev.,2017,46,7105-7123; DOI: 10.1039/c7cs00240h).

A new paper accepted on supramolecular self-assembly and coordination chemistry in Dalton Transactions

Many congratulations to PhD student Amy Lynes and Dr. Chris Hawes (now at Keele University) who have in collaboration with Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt and Kevin Byrne (School of Chemistry TCD) had their paper: “Coordination chemistry of flexible benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide derived carboxylates; notable structural resilience and vaguely familiar packing motifs”, accepted for publication in Dalton Transaction. Another fantastic collaboration between these groups of researchers, the paper is available on line at the RSC Dalton Transactions website.