3rd Year Talks 2020

A massive congratulations to all the PhD students from TCD and UCD who spoke in the Annual 3rd Year talks, especially to our own June Lovitt who gave an incredible presentation on her work!

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New Members in the Group!

Warmest of welcomes to Chloé and Gianluca, the two newest memebrs of the TG group!

Chloé has joined us all the way from Paul Sabatier University Toulouse, as part of her third year placement, and will be working with Tröger’s base naphthalimides.


Gianluca recieved his B.Sc from the University of Genoa, and is currently on placement with the group while obtaining his M.Sc in the University of Bologna.. He will also be working on Tröger’s base naphthalimides.

New Addition to the Group!

The group would like to welcome Reni as our newest team member! Reni is currently on placement with the TG group as part of her M.Sc with the Humboldt University of Berlin. During her stay she will be conducting research on Tröger’s base naphthalimides!

New addition to the group!

The TG group would like to welcome back Patrick Manning! Patrick underwent his Senior Sophister project with the group and is returning as our newest PhD student after attaining his B.A in Trinity College Dublin. His research will primarily focus on 2,6-bis(1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine (BTP) structures.

Welcome Back Sandra!

Welcome back to one of our former students Dr. Sandra Estalayo Adrián. Having recieved her PhD earlier this year Sandra has returned as our newest Postdoctoral researcher. Sandra’s combined background in organic synthesis with a variety of analytical techniques, including photophysical and photochemical investigations and cellular studies makes her an incredibly versatile chemist.

New addition to the TG group!

The TG group would like to welcome our newest postdoctoral researcher Tumpa Gorai! Tumpa has joined the research group as an Irish research council postdoctoral fellow. Her research interest is in the area of chiral luminescent lanthanide-based functional materials. Before joining the group she was a postdoctoral researcher in Pohang University of Science and Technology, working in the area of the artificial cell. She obtained her PhD in the area of supramolecular chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Uday Maitra from the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, her thesis title was “Lanthanide based hydrogels in sensing, energy transfer, and nanoparticle synthesis”.


TG group getting even bigger!

New week, new academic year, newcomers to the TG Group!
After Maite and Tómas, the new year brings four more people to the group! Amrutha, Caoimhe and Ellen are Senior Sophisters from TCD who will work on their final year research project in the group, which will be focused, respectively on Naphtalene Diimides-based supramolecular polymers, Boronic Acid-functionalized Troger’s Base systems, and Troger’s Base/DNA interactions.


From left to right: Caimhe, Ellen and Amrutha

At the same time, Laura Ramírez Lázaro will join the group as an Erasmus student for her last year from the Universidad de Alcalá in Spain. She will work on a project shared with prof. Eoin Scanlan, focused on glycosilated Naphtalimides while attending the regular courses in TCD.


Laura Ramírez Lázaro

Welcome aboard and good work girls!

Anna’s Paper featured JOC webpage

It is an incredible time of the year for Doctor Anna Aletti! After her graduation ceremony, in fact, we are delighted to report another great news about her. Anna’s paper, published on the Journal of Organic Chemistry  (J. Org. Chem., 2019, 84 (7), pp 4221–4228; DOI:10.1021/acs.joc.9b00219) was featured on their webpage. The work, entitled “Halide-Controlled Extending–Shrinking Motion of a Covalent Cage” was a collaborative project that was headed up by Anna’s former mentor at Department of Chemistry, University of Pavia, Professor Valeria Amendola and was part of Anna’s PhD thesis here in TCD.

Abstract Image

Way to go Anna, once again, congratulations!

Thorri, Bruno and Emanuele attending the “Italian Research Day 2019 //Everyday chemistry”

Thorri, Bruno and Emanuele will attend the “Italian Research Day 2019” event organized by the Italian Instistute of Culture and sponsored by Darta Savings, giving short talks about how chemistry is important in everyday life.


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The event, which will take place in the IIC, will be open to the public and will be on Tuesday 9th of April. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Dermot Gillen succesfully defends his PhD Thesis

Just one day after Sandra’s viva, the group once again congratulates Dermot for defending his PhD thesis, titled “Solution-state Anion Binding Studies of Urea- and Amide-based Hydrogen-bonding Receptors for the Design of Supramolecular Assemblies“, which was examinated by Prof. Scott Cockroft from the University of Edinburgh.
Dermot’s has been an very long-term part of the TG Group, joining at first for a Summer Project and then returning for his PhD, which was funded by the Irish Research Council. After the conclusion of the examination, Dermot joined Thorri and Prof. Cockroft for lunch, as per custom of the group and afterwards they returned to the TBSI where the group awaited for a small celebration.
The group wholeheartedly wishes Dermot best of luck for his future, which we are sure will be shining and full of achievements. All the best!

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