Postgraduate Researchers

Below are provided profiles of the postgraduate students currently studying in the TG Research Group:

Bruno D’Agostino

SFI Postgraduate student (2015 – present)

Master Degree  in Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry (University Of Catania 2013)
Master in Nanotechnology for drugs delivery systems.


Bruno’s PhD research is concerned with the development of Langmuir Blodgett Films for biological application, towards incorportation of biologically active nanoparticles. Before starting in the TG Group he worked with Professor Purrello in porphyrin chemistry  (for his master’s degree) and with Professor Sortino in photochemistry in the master’s diploma.

Emanuele Cappello

SFI Postgraduate Student (2016 – present)

Master Degree in Materials Chemistry
Università degli Studi di Catania, 2013

Master in Micro- and Nanosystems for Integrated Biosensors



Emanuele joins the TG group in October 2016 as a PhD Student after working with professors Marletta and Licciardello for his Bachelor and Master final projects at University of Catania and working as an intern at the “Innovation Lab” in STMicroelectronics site of Catania with doctors Petralia and Conoci.

Jason Delente

Postgraduate Student (2016 – present)

Master Degree in Fundamental and applied Chemistry
Université de Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, France, 2016



Jason joins the TG group in October 2016 as a PhD Student after a one year ERASMUS in TCD in 2014-2015 for his 1
st year of master and came back for a 6-month internship in the TG group in order to obtain his Master’s degree.

June Lovitt

SFI Postgraduate Student (2017 – present)

Master Degree in Chemistry, MChem
University of Southampton, UK



June joined the TG group in September 2017 as a PhD student having completed her six-month research placement in the group in 2016. She is interested in developing the naphthalimide and [2,6-bis(1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)pyridine] (btp) motfs for the metal-templated formation of functional materials, such as supramolecular gels.

Deirdre McAdams

Deirdre Website photo
IRC Postgraduate Student (2018 – Present)

B.A. Mod. Medicinal Chemistry (2016), Trinity College Dublin




Deirdre completed her final year research project within the group in 2016. She then went to the US for two years where she gained experience within an educational non-profit organisation and in the QC department of a sterile drug manufacturing company. She returned to the group in 2018 and her research focuses on the development of 1,8-naphthalimide derived Ru(II) polypyridyl complexes and conjugates as smart anti-cancer agents. Deirdre also has a strong interest in educational assess and is the biology and science study skills tutor on the Trinity Access Programme Foundation Course for Higher Education.

Tómas Arnar Guðmundsson

Tomas website photo
AMBER Postgraduate (2019 – present) Chemistry (2019) University of Iceland, Iceland.



Tómas joined the group as a PhD student in September 2019. His research is focused on self-assembly, specifically on modifying the benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide (BTA) motif for applications such as 3D-printing supramolecular gels. The wide world of supramolecular chemistry allows for significant tuning of gel-state properties and so printing gels with novel properties will be explored



Recent Former Students:
Eoin McCarney (Abbott)
Bjorn la Cour Poulsen
Savyasachi “Sachi” AJ (TCD, Chemistry)
Samuel Bradberry (TCD, Chemistry)
Helen Burke (Socialable Pharma)
Esther Surender (HPRA)
Fergus Poynton (TCD, School of Medicine)
Joseph Byrne (Albrecht Group, U Bern)
Dawn Barry (TCD, Chemistry)
Anna Aletti (Italian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine)
Amy Lynes (Pfizer)
Elena de Calatrava Pérez (Fenix Group International)
Dermot Gillen (Abbot)
Sandra Estalayo Adrián (TCD, Chemistry)
Hannah Dalton (FRKelly)
Isabel Hegarty (Amgen)