Fergus wins the 2016 RIA Young Chemists Prize

We’d like to extend big congratulations to Fergus on winning the 2016 Royal Irish Academy Young Chemists Prize. Fergus received his doctorate in December on Ru(II) polypyridyl DNA-targeting agents.

Fergus will be formally awarded the prize in May, and has been nominated by the RIA for the IUPAC-SOLVAY International Award for Young Chemists. Well done Fergus!

Helen Burke Successfully Defends her PhD Thesis

Helen Burke, who joined the group in 2012 as an IRCSET postgraduate scholar, defended her PhD thesis, entitled ‘Synthetic Approaches Towards Thioester-Mediated Bioconjugation and Lanthanide-Based Glycoconjugate Probes’, today.

The four year research project was conducted jointly with Eoin Scanlon as part of a fruitful collaboration which has seen her work appear in several publications, most recently in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry. Helen’s examiners, Trinity’s Joanna McGouran and Tony D. James from the University of Bath, joined the research group for a reception in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute afterwards to celebrate.

Dr David Caffrey graduates

Dr David Caffrey Graduation

Dr David F. Caffrey graduated with his PhD from Trinity in June 2014. David did his undergraduate degree in Trinity and started to work in the TG Group in Octiber 2009. He submitted his thesis for examination in October 2013 with the title: “Chiral Lanthanide Directed Self-Assembly: Ligand Substitution as a Path to Functionally Diverse Supramolecular Complexes”.