Alkermes visit the TG Group

The TG group had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from the biopharmaceutical company Alkermes earlier today. A fast-paced morning of talks were held in TBSI, where postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers alike presented their work to the company. This was followed by a lunch and poster session at which much fruitful discussion took place. The group included Tarek Zeidan, Principal Scientist at the company, who works in collaboration with second year group member Isabel Hegarty.


Meeting with Alkermes

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The TG Group had a very productive meeting with a delegation of scientists from biopharmaceutical company Alkermes. A lot of fascinating discussion and knowledge exchange went on over the course of the afternoon and there was even time to visit the Book of Kells in Trinity’s Old Library. Students and postdoctoral researchers presented their work and fruitful discussion about the limitations and applications of various projects followed.