New RSC book edited by Thorri in collaboration with good friends!

A new book “Supramolecular Chemistry in Biomedical Imaging” was published on the 1st of April this year! The book ( is the 33rd in the RSC Book series “Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry”, and was edited by Thorri in collaboration with his good friends Prof. Steve Faulkner (Oxford) and Gearόid M. Ó Máille (TCD, now at ERC). The book, which is 330 pages long, consists of ten chapters, with contributions from supramolecular chemists with expertise in supramolecular chemistry, synthesis, spectroscopy, microscopy, physical evaluations, and all kinds of imaging to name just a few of the topics covered! Contributors from TCD included former PhD students from the TG Lab and Dr. Adam Henwood (TG Lab), Prof. Eoin Scanlan and Prof. Yurii Gunk’o, as well as former TCD graduate Prof. Rob Doyle now a Professor at University of Syracuse and Dr. Célia S. Bonnet a former TG-Lab postdoc and now at Chargée de Recherche CNRS.  As can be seen below Thorri was rather delighted to receive the printed copy of the book in the post the other day! A big thanks goes to all those who contributed and to the RSC Books staff for all their fantastic help and support! The ‘Trio’ Thorri, Steve and Gearόid have been friends for many years! Thorri and Steve having been postdocs together at Durham University with Prof. Dave Parker, over 25 years ago, while Gearόid received funding from the IRC to carry out back-to-back postdocs with both Steve and Thorri!