Congratulations Doctors!

On the occasion of the Summer Commencements for the College, Dermot, Sandra and Elena have been conferred for their PhD degrees, becoming Dr. Dermot Gillen, Dr. Sandra Estalayo and Dr. Elena de Calatrava Perez!
This achievement represents the final milestone of their PhD courses, which led them to their theses as well, respectively titled “Solution-state Anion Binding Studies of Urea- and Amide-based Hydrogen-bonding Receptors for the Design of Supramolecular Assemblies“, “Photophysical and Biological Profiling of Ruthenium(II) Polypyridyl Complex-based Systems” and “The Synthesis, Photophysical and Biological valuation of Glycosylated Naphthalimides for Medicinal and Material Applications”, works extremely valuable for the TG group.

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The whole group congratulates the newly appointed doctors and wishes all the best for their future careers and lives. Great job!