Dermot Gillen succesfully defends his PhD Thesis

Just one day after Sandra’s viva, the group once again congratulates Dermot for defending his PhD thesis, titled “Solution-state Anion Binding Studies of Urea- and Amide-based Hydrogen-bonding Receptors for the Design of Supramolecular Assemblies“, which was examinated by Prof. Scott Cockroft from the University of Edinburgh.
Dermot’s has been an very long-term part of the TG Group, joining at first for a Summer Project and then returning for his PhD, which was funded by the Irish Research Council. After the conclusion of the examination, Dermot joined Thorri and Prof. Cockroft for lunch, as per custom of the group and afterwards they returned to the TBSI where the group awaited for a small celebration.
The group wholeheartedly wishes Dermot best of luck for his future, which we are sure will be shining and full of achievements. All the best!

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