Sachi’s review on supramolecular polymers and functional soft materials available in Chem

Congratulations to Sachi on the publication of his review “Supramolecular Chemistry: A Toolkit for Soft Functional Materials and Organic Particles” now available online in the journal Chem. The review discusses the application of supramolecular chemistry towards the development of soft materials and exploring their application. The article discusses the progress from the past 10 years of exciting research in the field. He highlights how the supramolecular approach has emerged as a toolkit with remarkable capability for the assembly of rationally designed building blocks, which precisely organize in three-dimensional space to form intricate molecular assemblies as well as bulk material with functional properties. This potential in supramolecular chemistry has emerged as a platform for the discovery of new systems and/or novel applications for existing ones, particularly in soft functional materials.

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Well done Sachi and co-workers on your achievement!