TG Group says Farewell to Emma and Esther

Everyone in the TG group would like to say a big thanks and goodbye to Emma and Esther for all the great work they’ve done over the past few years and for all their help when we needed it. Emma has taken on a position in Science Foundation Ireland, Ireland’s national funding body for science research. During her time here, Emma has worked on the development of various novel molecules, most notably naphthalimide-based systems. These have found use as drug delivery agents, potential anti-cancer and DNA binding agents, and sensors for biologically relevant ions.

Esther’s work on Ln(III)-cyclen complexes has led to recent publications in Inorg. Chem., Chem. Commun. and Cell Press’ new journal Chem, and she was profiled in the latter’s Potential Energy column. Esther will joining the Health Products Regulatory Authority.

We’ll miss you guys – best of luck in all your endeavors. Make sure you come back and visit us!