TG Group members at International Conference on f-Elements

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The 9th International Conference on f-Elements took place in Oxford in September 2015. Two members of the TG Group, Dr Oxana Kotova and Sachi AJ attended and presented their work to the assembled researchers . The meeting was attended by many renowned scientist from the field of lanthanide chemistry, including Prof. J-C Bunzli, Prof. C Piguet, Prof. K Binnemans, Prof. S Faulkner and Prof. P Caravan.

Oxana delivered a presentation on “Functional lanthanide (Ln = Eu,Tb) directed supramolecular gels”, while Sachi gave a flash presentation and a poster on the topic of “Europium-Directed Self-assembly of Terpyridine Based Tripodal Ligands: Towards Coordination Polymers”; both presentations prompted interesting discussion over the course of the conference.