Sachi presents at “TCD Metals” Seminar Series

As part of the “TsachiTCD MetalsCD Metals” Seminar Series in Trinity College School of Chemistry, Savyasachi A J presented his PhD work in a talk entitled “Luminescent Microspheres: Self-Assembly Studies of Novel Tripodal Ligands with Europium”. In this presentation, recent developments in the self-assembly of terpyridine-based tripodal molecules with europium ions, as well as the application of these compounds towards the discovery of new materials, were discussed.

Starting with titration  experiments of these ligands with Eu(III), the formation of self-assembled structures and coordination polymers from the same ligands at different concentrations was shown by various spectrophotometric techniques. Then the presentation moved towards the development of soft materials like gels from the same ligands. Additionally, the surprising discovery of the formation of spherical microparticles were shown. Later, the discussion advanced towards the experiments performed on the microspheres in order to understand the mechanism of formation, applications and the materials properties of these structures. Throughout the presentation a wide variety of spectroscopic and electron microscopic techniques were discussed and utilised in the exploration of this new class of materials.